How To Get 2TB Free In Dropbox 100%

 How To Get 2TB Free In Dropbox 100%

  1. Get an Italian Proxy/VPN (Local Area Apply, Not Via Browser Extension)
  2. Register an account on 
  3. Select the Annual billing, Fatturazione Annuale
  4. Use Direct Debit as Payment Method, Addebito Diretto
  5. Complete The Form With Fake Data.
  6. Ready You already have a dropbox account with 2 terabytes of space.

Payment method can be any, just use and provide fake info.

NOTE: This is a trick and so far reported it’s working, If it doesn’t work any longer, Don’t push it, and make sure you’re following correct instruction. And if this method helps to at least a single person, that means it’s worth.

You can create shared folders and use them to import all your files into new accounts (created using IBAN ). Dropbox doesn’t even bother with deleting the files even if you are way over your limit. You can easily then abuse the limits set by Dropbox using shared folders. 


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